During menopause, our bodies are trying to find a new way of living, post-menses. The focus of the medical, pharmaceutical, and even much of the wellness industry has been limited, in that menopause is viewed as a physical change, and even further, a decline of our physical and emotional selves. Anyone who has experienced menopause or has been in close proximity to someone who is/has knows that there are emotional changes that are equal in weight to the physical changes. There is also change in ones spiritual self, the way one perceives the world and those around them, and changes in the way we relate to others, our pasts and futures. When we open our perspectives and see the experience of menopause as a holistic, interconnected process of body, mind, and spirit, the emphasis can shift from a loss of fertility and our body’s decline to a metamorphosis into the next phase of our lives as women of self-possession and wisdom.

The Body

The first step in addressing menopause is to nurture the body. Essential oils and herbs are incredible tools here. Our goal is to help ease the extreme highs and lows of hormonal fluctuations, providing mild phyto-estrogenic compounds, while gently guiding your body by facilitating the most appropriate action required to achieve balance.

The Mind

After “calming the storm” by working on nurturing the body, we can focus on calming and supporting the mind.

During menopause, our brains are changing. We are being prepared for a new way of living. During that time, there is a bit of a "learning curve" while our brains adjust to new patterns and new levels of hormones. Neurological manifestations that emerge during perimenopause include disrupted regulation of body temperature, sleep cycles, circadian rhythms and sensory processing. Many women also experience anxiety and even panic attacks, often due to rising cortisol levels that begin as estrogen drops. This can all be addressed through aromatherapy, herbalism and lifestyle modifications.

With direct access to the limbic region of the brain, aromatherapy is an important tool in addressing stress. This is why we incorporate essential oils to help with street reduction into all of our formulas.

The Spirit

During perimenopause, we are on a journey similar to a shamanic initiation. We are being called to give birth to our true selves. If experienced with intention, perimenopause will prepare us for the next phase of our lives by teaching us how to stand in our power. It can be a bumpy road, as emotions, traumas, and injustices come up. It’s as if we are called to reevaluate our lives and discard what no longer serves us. Essential oils, aromatherapy, and herbalism are wonderful allies to help us along the journey.