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The Truth About Perimenopause, The Way Apothecary

The Truth About Perimenopause

Perimenopause is a wild ride. It’s easy to panic and feel as if your life is falling apart both physically and emotionally. In reality, perimenopause can be a wake-up call to heal our bodies and so...
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Three Phases of Womanhood, The Way Apothecary

The 3 Phases of Womanhood

In certain spiritual traditions, it is believed that there are three main phases of a woman's life: the young woman, the mother, and the wise woman of midlife and beyond. This can be applied to how...
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Reclaiming Your Femininity, The Way Apothecary

Reclaiming Your Femininity

One of the things many women experience as they enter perimenopause is a feeling of losing their femininity. Suddenly, one might feel klutzy, awkward, and just, well… different. I personally felt l...
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Healing Trauma from the Medical System, Natural Menopause, The Way Apothecary

Healing Trauma from the Medical System

Every woman I know has experienced trauma from the Western medical system in some way or another. Whether it’s not being listened to, having concerns pushed aside, being asked to do unnecessary tes...
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Trust Your Body's Process, Natural Menopause, The Way Apothecary

Trust Your Body's Process

For decades we have taken pills created by patriarchal big pharma companies that change the natural course of our bodies. Their warnings are brushed aside and their benefits are emphasized. Our bel...
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