At The Way Apothecary we believe that a natural approach to menopause can work for most women. This should be coupled with healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating a plant-focused diet, exercise, meditation, and reducing your exposure to chemicals and plastics as much as possible.

Our bodies are always striving for homeostasis - a state of balance and equilibrium. Rather than using a Western medical approach and chasing down each symptom by temporarily putting a “band-aid” on it, our Women’s Circle formulas use a holistic model to help your body find its hormonal balance, reducing multiple symptoms throughout your body in a trickle down effect.

Below is the framework I use for my private clients. Start with Begin with Balance. If you are using HRT, are on estrogen replacement, or have health issues that don’t allow you to use the Women’s Circle Oils, such as endometriosis, begin with Call in the Calm.

Step 1: Begin with Balance

The first step is to harmonize your body through our Women’s Circle Oils. Many of our menopausal symptoms are caused by dramatic hormonal fluctuations. Remember that this is temporary as our bodies are trying to figure out a new rhythm. By balancing with the Women’s Circle Oils, your symptoms should be reduced over time. These formulas also work to reduce stress and easy anxiety, nurturing your body and mind.

If you feel you need extra support, pair the Women’s Circle body oils with our herbal tinctures (coming in late 2024). The two will work together to create balance and a sense of wellbeing.

Step 2: Call in the Calm

After using the Women’s Circle for a few months, the next area to address is stress.

Aromatherapy and herbs are excellent tools for balancing stress during menopause. Most symptoms such as headaches and hot flashes are made worse by stress. Bring calm into your life and you will see a reduction in symptoms. Essential oils have the ability to pass the blood brain barrier and can have a soothing effect on the central nervous system. This is important in managing anxiety that women often feel while on their menopausal paths.

We will be releasing a collection of products in early 2025 to help you bring calm into your life on a daily basis. For now, try practicing at least five minutes of deep breathing a day. This will help lower cortisol levels. Also, be sure to include moderate exercise with some light cardio at least five days a week.

Step 3: Soothe Symptoms

If after doing all of the above (or if you are on HRT or estrogen) and you still find you have symptoms, you can address them individually. We will continue to launch products that address specific menopausal symptoms naturally. Be sure to join our email list to be notified as we release new products.