Facts: We are meant to go through menopause. Menopause is not a disease. There is nothing “wrong” with menopause. For most women, menopause can be managed without HRT or estrogen replacement. You have more control of your menopausal experience than you know.

HRT & Estrogen Replacement

We support every woman’s right to do what they wish with their body. That said, we promote a natural approach to menopause and strongly believe that menopause and its manifestations can be managed through holistic therapies, such as aromatherapy and herbalism, when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

The Western medical establishment is quick to push estrogen replacement and hormones for multiple reasons. The estrogen/HRT market was valued at USD 21.28 billion in 2022. This is a huge money maker for big pharmaceutical companies, and often doctors are incentivized to prescribe prescription drugs. Once on hormones, the average woman will be on their prescription for 5-7 years or longer, making her a long-term customer. It is no wonder why doctors and marketers push hormone therapy so heavily. These therapies are often nothing more than a temporary quick fix, and don't require patient empowerment. What women are not often told is that there are dangerous side effects, such as breast cancer, as well as arthritis, a lifelong autoimmune condition. There are also side effects, such as depression, bloating, PMS-like symptoms, dizziness, and more.

If you decide to go this route, we encourage you to find an integrative physician, preferably another woman. Do your research and be your own health advocate.

The “Benefits” of Estrogen Replacement

The Western medical system will tell you that estrogen replacement has benefits. These would be the prevention of bone density loss and heart disease. It is true that estrogen protects the bones and the heart. The negative side effects of estrogen replacement are often brushed aside, and the focus is on the benefits. What most of Western medicine doesn’t tell us is that we can supplement estrogen gently and safely with phytoestrogenic plants, such as soy, flax seeds, dried fruit, as well as topically with fennel and anise essential oils.

In addition, the best path to a healthy heart is a low-fat diet, exercise at least five days a week, and intentional stress reduction, such as daily meditation or breastwork. As for our bones, bone health can be addressed with a high quality calcium and magnesium supplement (and vitamin D for absorption). It's really quite simple and easy.

A Whole Body Approach

Natural therapies, such as aromatherapy and herbalism for menopause, have little to no side effects. They work to balance our bodies by lessening the highs and lows of hormonal fluctuations through various chemical constituents. Herbs and essential oils do not push our bodies in a direction that is against its natural course. Unlike the Western medicine model, which is “take x to fix y”, natural therapies take a full body approach. While certain essential oils balance hormones, they simultaneously work to calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation, ease anxiety, lift depression and more. To experience the benefits of natural therapies, we must be ready to “do the work”. This means eating a balanced diet, exercising, and focusing on stress reduction through things like deep breathing and meditation. Menopause can be a chance to care deeper than ever before. Helping your body with plant medicine is a chance to lean in and be in tune with the subtleties of nature. When you connect with nature, a new appreciation for your body and all its phases, including menopause, naturally evolves.

Don’t be afraid of your body's natural process. Don’t be afraid of aging. The time to truly care for yourself is now. Self-care is more than preventing wrinkles and going to the gym. It is a whole body approach, which includes diet, stress reduction, supplements, and more. Menopause can be managed naturally, without side effects. Nothing is more empowering than healing your own body.

If You do Choose HRT

We support you.

HRT is not a fix for all the manifestations of menopause. Keep in mind that your life as you know it is going through a profound change. Many women experience emotions such as grief and instability during this time, while they evaluate their lives, relationships, their perceptions on aging, and beliefs how they will show up in the world. This is the spiritual journey of menopause, and no amount of hormones will allow you bypass this. There is no magic pill and and the only way out is through. This is the time to focus on yourself and create the life you want for the second half of your journey on this earth.

Though The Women's Circle oil's are not designed to be used with HRT, in the near future, we will add products to our collection that focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of menopause that can be used while using HRT. Stay in touch via our email list to stay updated on news of new releases and lifestyle tips that will help support you in your journey, no matter which path you choose.