Perimenopause, menopause, and life post-menopause is a new phase of life as vivacious, beautiful, strong, magnetic, radiant women. We have been fed negative narratives about menopause by society for centuries, but like many things in our current day, things are beginning to change.

This time in our lives is the beginning of a new phase of self-possession, wisdom, and mastery. The path of hormonal change can be a little bumpy and somewhat intimidating, and that’s where The Way Apothecary helps ease the journey. Our aim is to make perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause calm, empowering, and transformative. 

A Different Perspective

Part of taking an empowered stance is to not view our bodies' natural process as something that needs to be corrected. We can and should support and nourish ourselves, but think of this time as puberty in reverse. When you were a young girl experiencing hormonal fluctuations, it wasn’t always easy, but you got through it and the rewards were becoming a beautiful young woman. Can you imagine suggesting to your younger self that she should be uncomfortable in that process? Neither can we. Another example is motherhood. Think of pregnancy and giving birth as a shamanic journey - challenging, but at the end the reward is beyond our wildest dreams. In motherhood, we give birth to children. Through menopause, we go on a journey, and if done correctly, we give birth to true selves.

Walking Calmly on this Path

We are here to help you experience menopause in a positive way that will help you grow into the woman you are meant to be for the next phase of your life. Menopause and its manifestations are all happening for a reason. At The Way Apothecary, we embody patience, mindfulness, a healthy diet, lifestyle habits such as breath-work and meditation, and assistance from the plant world in the form of botanically active self-care and herbal formulas.

Founded by certified clinical aromatherapist, community herbalist, energy worker, and plant intuitive Françoise Decatrel, we focus on a mind, body, and spirit approach that encompasses the use of aromatherapy for physical, mental, and spiritual support, as well as herbalism, and healthy lifestyle choices.

The path of perimenopause, menopause, and life post-menopause can be the most empowering spiritual journey of our lives. Like a shamanic initiation, this time of our lives is about taking all our past experiences and bringing them into the world through our newly born whole-selves.

Together, let’s flip the script on the outdated perception of menopause. Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome you on our path to make every moment as beautiful as possible.