Begin your journey on the path to natural hormonal balance and emotional wellbeing by taking a look at the true spirit of plant wisdom. More than isolated ingredients, each plant offers us a pathway to better living.
Francoise Decatrel, THE WAY Apothecary, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Plant Wisdom
Nature Nurtures

A Deeper Look at Plant Wisdom

Throughout time, herbalists, aromatherapists, healers, medicine women, and alchemists have called on plants for their physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Just like us, each plant has its own personality and gifts to offer. The pallet of plants that support women's bodies through perimenopause and menopause are not separate from us. They are friends who are here to help us along our way, acting as allies to guide us on our journey. They want us to use them and take refuge in their wisdom and healing properties. The plants you will find in our formulas have been traditionally used by women around the world for many lifetimes to ease hormonal transition and create a sense of calmness and wellbeing.