The Truth About Perimenopause

The Truth About Perimenopause, The Way Apothecary

Perimenopause is a wild ride. It’s easy to panic and feel as if your life is falling apart both physically and emotionally. In reality, perimenopause can be a wake-up call to heal our bodies and souls.

The Physical

Put simply, our bodies have been in a hormonal pattern since we began menstruation. Even though we complain about our monthly cycles, when that rhythm is disrupted as it is during perimenopause, our bodies and minds have a tough time readjusting. During this time, our hormones are trying to find a new pattern. Eventually, they will settle into menopause.

Without getting too into the hormonal details, just know that the ups and downs you are feeling are due to your body trying to find its new path. Our reproductive hormones, in particular estrogen, have an effect on many of our body's systems and functions, including the stress response, body temperature, sleep, and digestion, just to name a few.

We are on a rollercoaster that can last anywhere for four to ten years. But what if we stopped looking at this negatively? Yes, it can be hard and even flat out annoying, but if you put your body on a pedestal and respect its processes, it all makes sense.

Through a Different Lens

One thing I have found is that perspective and the lens through which you view perimenopause matters. In fact, it is a huge part of the picture. I urge you to stop looking at your body as the enemy. Big Pharma has trained us to think this way, as has the medical industry and the patriarchy. View your body as your ally and gift. What if you gave it the time and respect it needed? What if you treated yourself with love and care, rather than anger and fear? I promise you that if you approach this time of life with self-dedication, your entire experience will be easier and even enlightening.

A Call to Heal

During perimenopause, be gentle with yourself. Take care of yourself as you never have before. Eat well, meditate, walk, spend time in nature, breathe, reflect, get to know yourself on a deeper level. You may find that things come up - rage, reality, sadness. Go deeper with this. Find a good therapist, or try another healing modality that calls to you. During my perimenopausal path, I suddenly faced family trauma and felt called to heal the past. This has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I know it needed to happen. It’s as if my soul said “Enough. Wake up!” Perimenopause can be a call to heal. If you feel the need, get support. If spirituality and emotional self-care are new for you, there are plenty of wonderful therapists and healers that can support you. It’s an adventure for sure, but the results are emotional freedom.

This process is so special and is a unique gift. The transformation it brings is our birthright. Perimenopause is more than symptoms - it is a metamorphosis.
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