Healing Trauma from the Medical System

Healing Trauma from the Medical System, Natural Menopause, The Way Apothecary

Every woman I know has experienced trauma from the Western medical system in some way or another. Whether it’s not being listened to, having concerns pushed aside, being asked to do unnecessary testing, or being talked to in a condescending manner when you voice your own opinion about your own body, this emotional trauma is real.

The first step in healing medical trauma is to return to your body. Do some deep breathing and ground yourself. Remember that you belong to you. Don’t let someone throw you off so much that you doubt your intuition. Take the time you need to reconnect with yourself.

The second step in healing medical trauma is to take your power back. Learn about your body. Show up as a powerhouse of knowledge. Make it so that you know and express if an approach works for you or doesn't.

We will never change the Western medical system. It is too large and financially powerful. From pharmaceutical companies to insurance, the bottom line is about profits. I believe most doctors go into medicine with wonderful intentions. The education is not patient-focused. It is symptom focused. The average doctor only spends 17-24 minutes with a patient. They are pushed to the maximum and in many cases, trying the best they can. Most doctors are trained for only 11 hours of nutrition training in an entire medical program. Nutrition and lifestyle are our foundations. It’s perplexing in today’s day and age that there isn't more of a focus on this.

When I began formally studying herbalism, I looked at a Medicinal Plants course offered by one of the most prestigious medical collages in the world. course. I assumed the education would be excellent. Upon researching, I learned that this class lasts two weeks. Two weeks! As someone who has been working with and studying herbs for 30 years, I (and any other experienced herbalist) can tell you that learning plant medicine is a lifetime journey. The thought of gaining an “education” in two weeks is absurd.

All of us have different levels of knowledge about our bodies. It’s important to know where you stand and be honest with healthcare providers about the amount of guidance you need. We must do our own research. We need to find doctors who want patient partnerships. We have to be willing to be our own advocates. We have to interview our doctors and find someone willing to truly listen. Also, use your intuition. We know when someone speaks to us on a level playing field. We know when someone respects us. Look for this in a health care provider, and accept nothing less. Decide how much Western medicine vs. holistic medicine you are interested in. Interview your doctors about their approach, especially if they are integrative. Most will have strengths and weaknesses on one side or the other.

I feel that finding a doctor is like finding a partner. You’ll know when you click. If it’s not right, don’t settle.

Take a deep breath, hand on your heart. Envision yourself in a circle of light. You're whole, you are wise, you are in control of your body.

All my love,

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