Trust Your Body's Process

Trust Your Body's Process, Natural Menopause, The Way Apothecary

For decades we have taken pills created by patriarchal big pharma companies that change the natural course of our bodies. Their warnings are brushed aside and their benefits are emphasized. Our belief is that as women we should stop altering our hormones blindly and unnecessarily. Menopause is not an illness. Believe in the power of your body and trust its processes. 

If you take care of yourself from a lifestyle perspective including using natural support of plants the rest should take care of itself. We are not meant to be perfect all of the time. Sometimes our cycles are irregular, especially during perimenopause. That's the way it is supposed to be. Trust the process.

A Holistic Approach to Menopause

Lifestyle is a huge part of the picture. Stress reduction, keeping caffeine consumption low, eating healthy, vibrant foods, supporting our livers which metabolize hormones, keeping cortisol in check, keeping alcohol to a minimum, exercise and breathwork… These are all things that will help your hormones work for you. During the path of menopause self-care needs to become a lifestyle, not a luxury. Love your body and it will love you back.

Taking Care When You Need More

All that said, some women have a harder time with their hormonal transition than others. If you are incorporating a healthy lifestyle and are having difficulties that seem out of the ordinary we highly encourage enlisting an integrative physician who empowers you, listens to you, and will support you on your journey.

Your Call to Heal

Never underestimate the power of therapy during this time. During menopause things come up. You might find yourself revisiting old memories that you had tucked away for decades. You may find your tolerance of people to be very low. We believe this is a good thing as we are being pointed to things that need to be addressed in our lives. Our bodies and minds are telling us to wake up and heal. If you need support on an emotion level, please reach out to mental health care provided that nourishes your soul.

Stand in your power. Never forget all you have been through in your life. Remind yourself of this often. You are a radiant force in the world. Now is the time to step into that power in ways you never thought possible.

Wishing you peace,


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